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Tammy's Boston Darlins

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 Hi! In these pages you will meet my AKC Boston Terriers. Bostons first entered my life 15 yrs. ago and I have loved this breed since. I have been breeding Boston's for a little over 12 yrs. now. My first litters were for family members. After the first litters, I realized there were many families all over the world who loved this breed and wanting a Boston to add to their lives or an additional Boston as companion to the one already in their lives.

When I have babies available, their pictures will be posted. All my babies are home raised within a very loving environment. From the time of their birth until they leave me for their new families, they are spoiled daily. The babies are handled daily, well socialized with other dogs, a cat, and people. The babies have their dew-claws done. At 6 wks. they get their first puppy shot. Worming are done at 2, 4, 6, & 8 wks. of age. The babies are vet checked at 3 days, 4, 6, & 8 wks of age.

Teagan as a puppy...isn't she adorable!

 The puppy pictured above, Teagan, is an example of a Red Boston Terrier. I fell in love with the Red color and unusual eyes and decided to breed them exclusively. My future litters will all be out of Red males and females. I may occasionally have a black and white but most of the puppies will be Reds. All Boston's that fall into the Red catagory will have a red nose and either gold or hazel eyes. The shade of the red in a Red Boston vary from the bright firey red to a deep mahogany. But, any red will always have a red nose no matter the shade of red.
 Reds are not the Boston standard of the breed and do not qualify for AKC dog shows. If interested in showing a Red Boston, be aware that there are folks lobbying to get the Reds accepted under AKC's standard but that hasn't happened as of yet. On the other hand, APRI accepts any dog that is purebred and registered. They will allow a Red Boston into their dog shows. If interested in showing, APR is an option. Any registered canine is accepted by APR and can be dual registered with AKC and APRI

Boston Terrier Likes:

- human companionship

- playtime

- naps taken in their humans laps

- fetching with rope toys or balls, the more

you throw it, the happier they become

- playing in the kiddie wading pool

- going for rides in the car

- eating

- recieving treats for a job well-done

Advantages To Haveing A Boston In Your Life:
- short hair makes them very easy to groom

- just needs bathing everyonce in awhile, brushed once a week.

- very loyal to thier human companions

- very smart making training very easy

- do not bark excessively while making excellent watchdogs

- great sense of humor

- get along well with other dogs

- do well with children

Thanks for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy my Boston's as much a I do. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.